You have the flexibility to vary this quantity no matter what you need it to be. On my first day utilizing this program I hit 4,000 shares nicely before the 24 hour time period was up. It must be already part of the automation program. As the software program shares objects, which you cannot see on your Poshmark display, it shows within the log the title of the merchandise it has shared and if it was shared efficiently or not. Underneath the log there’s an option to export your log to CSV. I’m not sure what causes exporting the log has though. For Poshmark bots

Poshmark bot

It will, just like the Closet Tools program I just reviewed, try and share items that might be nonparty specified in the course of the particularly themed morning, afternoon & midday events. The program will then realize it cannot be shared at the get-together & move on to the next merchandise and try to share that into the celebration. The Share to party bot will also share gadgets from another closet you choose.

What Are Poshmark Bots?

So it’s important to me to have a program that gained share unavailable listings. The “Share To Party” option only does the next actions. It shares objects out of your closet into active parties. For Poshmark Automation Software.

This software does not recognize unavailable gadgets until they are actually marked as bought with the red bought banner on them. There are different programs that will realize merchandise is sold or unavailable and not share it if you merely have bought within the title or mark it as not for sale. So it actually pushed 6 yr old offered listings to the top of my closet. Having stated that I’d like to mention that you haven’t any management or method to inform the bots how far down into your closet to share. Having a really massive closet, it can be a pain to push these gadgets back to the underside with the opposite sold and/or unavailable items.

Best Free Poshmark Bot For Increased Sale

And lastly, it’ll share gadgets from the Poshmark feed into the events. For the evening parties, all objects could be shared, similar to any program or handbook sharing. The day-by-day sharing limit option is the place you have to enter what number of objects within a 24-hour interval whole you’d wish to share items. This total contains everything from your closet, the feed, parties, and if you manually go to another person’s closet to share their gadgets as well. The program had mechanically put 4,000 shares per 24 hours upon upload.


Poshmark share bot software turns off the obtainable display filter and refreshes your closet thus inflicting it to share your unavailable gadgets. The software went to the very backside of my closet and shared sold objects from 5-6 years ago marked as “unavailable”.

If you permit that possibility unchecked it’s going to do the other and share from the top down. I discovered a major flaw in this software upon testing it although.


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